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They think they know what is best for me

I have been in the psychiatric ward for several weeks. My parents visit me

regularly and that’s nice. Naturally they are upset that I have been admit-

ted to hospital.They don’t understand much of what happens to me and I

find this frustrating. It leads to misunderstandings and irritations.

One evening they tell me that my favourite granddad has died and been

buried. I am flabbergasted!Why didn’t they tell me straightaway?Why

wasn’t I allowed to go to the funeral?Why do they go over my head and

decide what is good for me? I’m here too! I am angry and sad. I feel shut

out. My granddad is dead and buried and I wasn’t even able to say goodbye.


It can happen that other people think they know what is good or bad for you and

make decisions without consulting you. Particularly if you have a psychiatric affliction,

people try to protect you in this way.They think you have enough on your mind al-

ready. It is important to be able to talk about how unhappy you are with this situation.

You are involved, after all.

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