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In the middle of my psychosis I am sitting with my friendWillemijn in her

room. I tell her what I am going through. She understands me completely!

I have never had such a good conversation with anyone before! I feel elat-

ed. But later, when the psychosis has ebbed away a bit,Willemijn confesses:

‘To be honest I couldn’t make any sense of it.’


When things are not going well, some people just drop you; others show that they

are committed to you.Willemijn showed her concern, even though she had no idea

what it was all about.There are also people who don’t know how to deal with psy-

chotic behaviour.With each friend your level of contact and the interests you share

are different.What you can reveal of yourself to people, and whether they understand

you, depends on the relationship you have with them.

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