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What did you say?

I’m walking home


If you don’t turn right you’ll be murdered.The man behind you has a knife.

Another voice:

You’re worthless.A coward and a loser.

Yet another voice:

(Child crying)


If you don’t turn right you will be murdered.The man behind you has a knife.

Other voice:

You’re worthless. Nobody cares about you.You’re a loser.

I turn right.

The man behind me laughs.

See, he had a knife and wanted to kill me.


Hearing voices is difficult because they are so real.You hear people’s voices and you

look to see where the voice is coming from ... and that person isn’t there.This can

make you confused.The voices often say nasty things.The themes are ‘death’ and ‘you

are worthless’ or they tell you that something bad is going to happen to someone you

love.They might tell you to do something. Because the voices are liable to get under

your skin, it is difficult to ignore them. But voices have no arms and legs and they can’t

do anything, and they can’t make your mother die.

There are many tricks to avoid hearing voices.What works is different for each

person.You can hum or sing. Others like to listen to music or look for distraction, by

phoning a friend for example. Running or doing a sport can also help. In actual fact the

voices aren’t the real problem, but the thoughts and ideas that come into your head

when you hear the voices.