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Paranormal gifts

It’s not me saying this. It can’t be because my brain isn’t working any more.

Someone is speaking through me. So I can’t be psychotic because then I

would still have mental activity.


Paranormal or psychic gifts are part of human nature.These days we are more in-

clined to look for rational explanations and many people see these gifts as something

unusual. Currently, psychiatry is inclined to label such special experiences as halluci-

nations. However, it should not be the experiences themselves that determine that a

person is ‘sick’ but whether the person can handle those experiences.

Some people receive certain signals but are not aware that they have a degree of con-

trol over them.You yourself can decide what you are willing to accept.

Knowing how to handle psychic gifts demands a lot of practice, learning to observe

clearly and distinguish between external influences and your own projections. Cog-

nitive behavioural therapy can help you take control of your observations and give

them a place in your life.